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Our Story

  Why pantry goods are great!   

 Since I can remember I have have always wanted a pantry, to store our basic essential as well as the not so essential items that can turn those ingredients incredible dishes. Cooking and feeding the family with great food made from scratch, using those pantry item still excites me, and of course home grown vegetables are the only things that can top that.


Knowing what to do with pulses and grains does require education and we look to different cultures for direction. Indian cuisine is one of our biggest sources of inspiration, as their vegetarian and vegan dishes are so diverse, simple and elaborate, that one can research for days on the uses of chick peas or lentils.

One of the best things about pulses and grains is their long shelf life, granted tinned items can be store indefinitely, and indeed if dried beans and pulses are stored in optimal conditions they can last for many years. But the extra value that lies in some pulses and beans is that they can be soaked and sprouted as living food, with incredible nutritional content, as they become micro greens. 

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